Hi! D36: How are you doing?

Twenty years have passed...  The first decade, you focused on capsule design, the process of perfecting it has been such a roller coaster, from the Communication University of China to the studios of senior musicians across the country, the monotonous and repetitive debugging, audition, comparison have been done over and over, rounds and rounds of the dashing hope and disappointment,encouragements and arising hopes, there was applause and expectations from the one who believing in you, but it was the scepticism made you enter the second ten years without hesitation. Here you are, with the great proud, the best circuit for this extra-large-diaphragm capsule is presented to the users, your goal is simple and clear: To provide the best, crystal clear, indescribably sound quality. To induce the resonance of the magic of the music.

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Capsule's revolution lead to new concept microphone

Q & A

Why increasing the diameter and reducing the thickness of diaphragm?

1 Higher signal-to-noise ratio

2 better fidelity

3 better transient response

Over the past few decades, the diameter standard for LDC capsule has extended from 32mm to 34mm, which shows the importance of the effective area of the diaphragm for faithful reproduction of sound signals and meet the needs of modern recording technology. So the ULDC  (Ultra Large Diaphragm Condenser) has major meaning in recording.

Q & A two

  With our exclusive anti-humidity design, we have successfully got rid of the crackling phenomenon caused by humidity. A microphone with our capsule can perform perfectly.  

  Since we have solved the problem of the capsule being damaged by moisture, the diaphragm does not have to be sprayed with gold, but aluminum and nickel can also be used, so that the expressiveness of the sound can be judged from multiple angles. We're so delightful to recommend aluminum diaphragm because the tone of ribbon mic is so attractive to generations of musician. And of course you can ask us to replace other materials, we fully meet your requirements.

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Recent acoustic theory shows that the S/N ratio of a condenser microphone is proportionate with the effective diaphragm dimensions. Because of that, every major microphone manufacturer in the world is investing large amount of money and efforts in finding a solution.

Application field

When recording technology comes into digital era, it requires higher S/N ratio, and wider dynamic range. Aseyer’s 36 mm(1.4 inch) condenser microphone capsule is based on such a designing idea.