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Mr. Hu tong talked about his experience of using ASEYER L36B

Mr. Hu, Tong is the committeeman of the Education Committee of China Association of Recording Engineers; and the specially-appointed professor of the Pro-audio Training Department of the Information Engineering School of Communication University of China. The following is Mr. Hu talking about his experience of using ASEYER L36B:
In the big family of recording microphones, ASEYER L36B is the one of high quality materials and exquisite workmanship. Its 36mm capsule and the solid body are very impressive. The moment we got our hands on it, we gave it a test-drive in our training facility of recording engineering..
For the first try, we connected the L36B directly to the ProTools 003 sound card, and recorded a session for a soprano of China National Opera House performing . The result was a little unexpected. The L36B captured the vocal in such a distinctive way-------almost all fundamental frequency, and no harmonic. Our technician tried several different positions for the mic, but saw no improvement, and had to give up. (to listen to the sound track of of this session:ĸϳ2.wav).
Some time later, we got a Nagralb provided by a company for us to try, so we thought we can try the L36B again. This time we picked a ribbon microphone to go with the L36B to form a MS pattern, with the L36B to be the main mic. We had the microphones signals going through the Nagralbs input, amplified and then into the ProTools 003 sound card, this time the performer was a folk singer. This result of this time is outstanding.
1.       The self noise of the L36B is several folds lower than of the several times more expensive ribbon microphone. You can hardly feel it.
2.       The L36B recorded the sound of the singer with no coloration at all.
3.       The engineer can do a lot on the sound track in post-production at his will to give the song some personal touches. This is what most other microphones cant do.
4.       The whole process was a perfect experience.
(to download the sound tracks here:
Now we cant help asking that why the two sessions provided us with such different results. Is it because the L36B is only good at the folk songs but not the sopranos? Well, we dont think so. We think the answer to this question is that you need to have the L36B to work with high quality preamps to bring the best out of it. This reminds me of the saying: to set the saddle on the right horse.


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